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Our Commitment to make you healthy

We constantly strive to make a difference to clinical outcomes for the patients by ensuring that we have highly qualified & experienced team along with latest technology/technique to deliver outstanding clinical outcomes.

Professional Doctor

We provides utmost satisfaction to the patients. We offer high quality medical services, and if the need arises, they react very swiftly. This nature has earned a good name for the team, comprising of doctors, nurses and para-medical staff.

Kidney Transplantation Center in Andhra Pradesh


Our Vision is "Creating happy lives with healthy Kidneys"

Honesty and Determination are valued qualities that a doctor has to possess and hence I would be happy to work with people with Similar view points.

In Health, "Prevention is better than cure" and i would like to work from secondary prevention to primary and Primordial prevention.

Patient care Should Reach every corner of India.


The Mission of our hospital is to provide health care with quality patient care and patient service with attention to excellence along with a commitment to assure the very best health care at affordable rates for those we serve, to restore the joy of Health.

We are different from others

Successful Outcomes:

First & Foremost, our consistent history of positive outcomes is the definig benefit of choosing our services. Guntur city hospitals brings truly revolutionary care to chronic kidney disease and end stage renal failure patients.

Innovative Lifestyle Approaches:

We provide patients with care choices to empower then to continue to follow their dreams, attend to responsibilities and enjoy the quality of life they desire. Our flexible care options accomodate a full spectrum of life style needs and activition.

What is our USP:

Our USP is expertise in conducting kidney transplants including ABO and HLA incompatible transplants at affordable price with quality health care and services.

We have done a transplants at free of cost to a poor patients-probably first time in Andhra Pradesh (after bi-fraction of state).

Why they should come to us :

Because we provide comprehensive care across the spectrum of kidney diseases.

The department facilities are engineered to deliver quality care and successful outcomes even in ABO incompatible transplants.

Our team of doctors are recognized for their superior clinical skills and treats all categories of patients from children to elders.

We offer the most advanced diagnostics, Comprehensive pre-operative evaluation and dialysis support and complete post-operative care to minimise the chance of infection.

We provide dialysis service driven by an efficient team of doctors, nurses and certified hemodialysis technician along with registered dietician.

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Aware of Kidney Diesease

KidneyStones ,Renal Calculi has been an increasing problem in India in the recent past. Drink more water and keep hydrated to avoid Kidney stones.

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How Kidney Works

In addition to removing waste, the kidneys monitor the levels of chemicals, salts & acids in the blood.

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Precautions for Kidney Transplantation

Kidney Transplantation Center under the vision of Dr.Aswani Srinivas Mareddy is working towards creating an awareness on Prevention of Kidney disease.

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